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Sunlight readable LCD display solutions are based on high performance  TFT-LCD panels featuring high brightness LED backlight technology. They come in various formats such as kit form, open frame, fully housed and we have the option to create custom housing designs for you.
This new technology creates an amazingly bright LCD display without increased heat from higher wattage CCFL integration. When compared to the practice of adding higher wattage backlights to achieve a high brightness LCD (CCFL), LED backlight technology increases the reliability of the high bright monitor and extends the lifetime of the display system. This new technology creates a sunlight readable LCD monitor with inherit protection against environmental factors such as shock, vibration and cooler temperatures.
With our new LED high bright technology, a 15กจ 1500 nit LCD will consume approximately 24W of power consumes .Additionally, LED backlighting systems do not require heaters as needed by CCFL solutions in extremely low temperature ranges.