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Compact heavy duty steel enclosure
Dimming knob or Light sensor control backlight brightness from nearly 0% to 100%
Compliant with 19 inch Rack Mount with tilt adjustment
Front OSD control buttons to optimized display
Build 2x 2 Watts stereo speaker
LCD MTBF:50,000 Hrs
Operating temp: 0J ~ 50J
Certification : CE/FCC/RoHS
Input Signal : VGA + Audio(standard)
                            VGA + DVI composite video + S-Video(option)
                            Dimming VR knob(Option)
                            Dimming Light Sensor(Option)
                            Wide Range DC 8~30V (option)
Touch Screen option: Temperd Glass/ Resistive/Capacitive/IR/SAW
Support Rack Mount
Size: from 15 ,17, 19,22