Full color LED Waterproof Lamp String Series -SMD5050-5V
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Model Name:Full color LED Waterproof Lamp String Series-SMD5050-5V

Currently, the market exposed perforation word (bitmapped) multi-purpose hat headlights string, in the course of a poor color uniformity, brightness, light decay is inconsistent, you need to use white light when the above problem is particularly serious, and patch it to solve the best alternative to the above problems. Therefore, our leading industry, research and development of a new generation of light outside the dew point - patch exposed light string.

Product parameters

product describes basically

The product model



50000 hr


Fog shape O5 mm

Lamp Quantity

30 lamp/string

Current mA

60mA / 60mA

Gray level

4096 / -- --

Punch diameter mm

12mm / 12mm

Length cm

12cm / 12cm

Control mode

Microcomputer IC control -Point control / Group control




A single light flux of up to 14-15Lm

Consumed power(W)

0.3W / 0.3W

Illumination angle

140X- 180X

Operating temperature

-35J ~55J

IP grade

IP 68


identification signs, illuminated characters, with the water     requirements;
outdoor large lettering, with the water requirements;
indoor and outdoor architectural lighting;
outdoor lighting projects